The Disabled Drummers Association prides itself in its ability to serve. Our members are always on hand to lend an ear, give valuable advice, provide joy through music and offer support where needed. Our clinics present our members as talented, responsible individuals who find music therapeutic, uplifting and empowering and share the experience through audience participation. Although the majority of DDA members are challenged in some way, we demonstrate that the love of musical expression is the common denominator that transcends all disabilities and is a proven factor in the recovery of many patients.

Music therapy has been used in a variety of cultures for centuries. The practice of using drums to aid in healing is as viable as the now popular recreational therapy. Both target range of motion, coordination and applied repetition to gain strength. Drumming creates focus of attention, memory skills, hand-eye coordination and concept development. The added sound aspect of using drums is soothing and builds self-confidence as the patient realizes they have created music that had never been heard before. Where no previous music skills were present, performed drum rhythms comfort, relieve anxiety, and engage the individual in a group activity with instant gratification. Hand percussion promotes strength in hands, wrists, arms and shoulders while addressing mental awareness through “time keeping” with the music.

While therapy is crucial to a patient’s recovery, why not make it fun? Time spent doing boring exercises can be transformed into “music class” – something to look forward to and get your therapy at the same time. While music therapy does not eliminate the need for other specialized therapy programs, it certainly can work in concert with the specified regime and bring patients closer to their goals.

Adding music therapy to a school curriculum is not a novel idea, but has been eliminated in the past due to budget issues. It’s a proven fact that students do better in math and with problem-solving skills when exposed to music. The DDA is prepared to offer our services to make this unique program affordable to even the smallest venue. A facility may acquire a minimum amount of inexpensive hand percussion instruments and the DDA may supply drums to use in each session. Or the facility may wish to supply and store their own equipment to be used at any time for its students to enjoy and have DDA members instruct faculty members in the playing of such equipment to full benefit.

The DDA’s main objective is that if music is in your soul, we wish to help develop its voice. Music sparks creativity that can be carried over to other aspects of life and while a session may last and hour, the benefits last a lifetime.

Who can benefit from this program? 

Surgery Patients

Transitional Care Units 

Nursing Homes

Children's Facilities

Schools (All Grade Levels)

Care Givers

Social/Corporate Venues 

Clubs / Events / Expos


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