The Disabled Drummers Association is a non-profit organization formed by disabled drummers for the benefit of all drummers with disabilities. Two challenged drummers who were interested in creating an organization that would support drummers with disabilities in the music industry today founded the DDA in 1996.

Clinics and Expos are sponsored to create public awareness to not only help members, but to eliminate the stereotype of the disabled musician.

In 2001, the DDA became certified in the State of Florida to conduct CEU (Continuing Education Unit) courses on Music Therapy. These seminars are instrumental in bringing therapists an alternative method to aid in the healing processes of patients suffering from learning disabilities, Autism, Downs Syndrome, stroke, head trauma and a variety of physical impairments that require range-of-motion techniques. (Please see our THERAPY page for more info). We are proud to be a part of this process as an extension of our many services.

The DDA strives to be instrumental in the manufacture, research and development of electronic and acoustic adaptive equipment to enable the challenged musician the opportunity to experience what music can do: Motivate, Uplift and Empower!

Music is for all ages - it creates focus of attention, memory skills, hand-eye coordination and concept development. Range of motion is challenged and enhanced though the subtle action of playing the drums. Music sparks creativity that can be carried over to other aspects of life, thus creating acceptance and higher self-esteem.

The DDA is here to help you in any way we can and hope to do much more in the future. We provide a forum where our members can network with others with similar interests, express themselves openly through our Newsletters, purchase items that would aid in their musical careers at a reduced price, and basically, have a lot of fun with "those of your kind".




Create opportunities for disabled drummers by conducting campaigns to eliminate the sterotype of the disabled musician.

Lobby manufacturers to produce adaptive equipment for the challenged musician.

Through quarterly newsletters, instruct and inform the drumming community of opportunities, events, alternative medical benefits and technical "tips" to aid in their craft.

Provide an annual directory listing detailed information to assist members in networking with those of similar interests and problems, share experiences and difficulties with all facets of our industry.

Bring Hope through music therapy.

Conduct clinics and expositions to raise public awareness and funds for programs.




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